You’ve probably heard it, chinese medicine and acupuncture go together, and how they are natural and beneficial ways of healing and treating a range of conditions from fertility issues, physical pain and mental problems.

What you’ve probably not heard about yet, is if these two ancient practices are being widely used for in the sports performance industry?

The answer to that is a big fat: YES

We can see how English cricket players, such as the likes of Kevin Pietersen are saying goodbye to their injuries with Chinese acupuncture.

So shall us Aussies start to embrace this thousand year practice?

As with everything, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture need to be seen as treatments that require regular follow ups. In the same way as training, you can’t improve your level of performance overnight, you can’t heal your injuries, or even prevent them with just one session.

Is Chinese acupuncture and medicine just for professional sports people?

Of course not.

Even if you are just a regular Joe Bloggs, who is regularly practicing sports and enjoying an active life – as we all should be. Then all of us would need acupuncture to stay healthy and prevent any further issues.

Chinese medicine and practice is not sufficient when being an athlete or sports person. It is therefore essential to also eat an anti-inflammatory diet, with plenty of greens, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Getting adequate sleep and the right amount and type of exercise are of equal of importance.

Whether you are a cricket player, an athlete or a mum who likes to go jogging, these are all important tips to keep in mind.

Distractions from our routines? How to deal with them

The athlete will probably deal with constant distractions during their training life such as travelling and no having the right amounts of foods always available. So are the mum who has to wake up at 3 am to a crying baby or a cricket player.

It is therefore paramount to always keep an agenda with a to-do list.

Do you research beforehand

By having a list of places near by us will make our jobs far easier when choosing a place to go to, and that means we can incorporate them into our daily lives and routines.
Remember the most important aspects of being a strong sports performer, diet, exercise, rest and prevention = treatment such as acupuncture, massages and relaxation.

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