About Statas

Statas is all about promoting a sustainable way of life in health, wellness and lifestyle for Australians. Our passion started from John Walker who is a former cricket player and decided that after going through several injuries, some more severe than others, he wanted to encourage other Australians to take care of themselves whilst young and ensure they lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle so they enjoy their superannuation to the maximum!

Many of us nowadays reach 50 with lots of physical pains. Now, this might not necessarily be due to sport injuries but from daily activities we do such as having a bad posture or sitting down all day, or even worse, sedentary which leads our bodies to eventually fail, given the constant wear and tear that we give our joints.

Statas is here to inspire and change the mindset of everyone who is more interested in this sustainable and healthy lifestyle, trust us, you will thank us for it. Why because we are experts in health and wellness?


It’s that everyone in the community is willing to contribute with their own experiences, and given our pool of health professionals, and people who have healed from injuries, or better, prevented them; are constantly showering our community with golden information that will help all of us be the best version of ourselves.

Now, I recommend you go check out our health, sustainability and wellness content and dig in to those before you do anything else 🙂