On another note, you are probably thinking this article is going to say, 3 ways to lead a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Eat Well: Have a balanced diet, eat healthy greens and protein and take a fat burners such as the likes of phen375.
  2. Exercise: Go to the gym every day and lift weights and go for long runs.
  3. Sleep well, or meditate – Well you know the usual sleep 8 hours a day.

Well, if you thought that, then you are…wrong my friends 🙂

As much as I could go in-depth on why the above three are crucial to a healthier lifestyle, I am sure those of you reading this already know that, and so I probably don’t need to talk much about those common sense topics.

So here are the 3 things I’m on about:

Hang out with other healthy people

As simple as it sounds.

Yes, maybe your friends now are not healthy, that’s fine. You can still be friends, but maybe it’s time to make new friends.

“You are the five people you associate with the most”, so they say. It is therefore important to hangout with others who are also healthy, that way we will naturally become more like them.

That’s it. Not much to say about that topic, more than just go and do it!

Action: Go get new friends

Routine, Routine, Routine!

I can’t stress this enough. Having a routine means you will stick to eating well, exercising and sleeping well more than ever. You could try to do all those three, and without a proper routine, or plan you will massively, fail.

You probably don’t want to hear that, but it’s the sad true my friends.

Action: Pen and paper (or Evernote) and let’s start writing out a simple and straightforward daily and weekly routine.

Keep track of what you do!

I know most of you say it will be cumbersome to keep count of calories, of how much we sleep, or how much we deadlifted, or bufflifted 🙂

Now, imagine I asked you: If you are a salesperson, and at work your boss asked, oh how much did we sell last month and how much did sales increase by this month?

You then go on an answer him like this: Oh well boss, I am not sure, didn’t keep track of sales, but all I know is that we are selling well, and should be increasing sales this month…

Ummm..the only thing that will be increasing are your chances of going out the door, with your belongings straight home.

That’s why the say it.

“What gets measured, get’s managed”

Is it really possible that our sales at work are that important that we need to track them, but then, our health, is not, so no need to track it?

You know the gist now..

Action: Get a chronometer watch, pen and paper, or use an app like myfitnesspal.com and start keeping track of your health and lifestyle! With so many apps and automation, it has never been easier to keep track of our health!


statas 3 ways to simple healthy life

Now, as a final note, go ahead and do these things NOW!

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