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    My Background

    As a semi-professional cricket player, I knew my days living and playing cricket in Sydney were numbered. Despite my love for the harbour city I was raised in (and it’s glorious weather), I knew that in order to follow my dream of playing cricket for Australia, I had to make the move to our nation’s sporting capital – Melbourne. I needed a great relocation company to make my dream a reality, which is where the team at Santa Fe Wridgways stepped in. And they helped make the whole process of moving interstate an absolute breeze!

    My Cricket move

    I’ve been playing cricket for as long as I can remember. My father was a local champion, so growing up around my suburban cricket club was not just a hobby, but a family ritual. As my skills developed and I started playing in the state league, I knew my chance to make a career out of playing cricket was growing rapidly. But my opportunities were drying up in Sydney – as much as I loved my support network of family and friends, and all the experiences my home city had given me, I knew the only way to progress further was to move to Melbourne.

    For a Sydneysider (or for anyone really), Melbourne is a haven for sport fanatics. Not just for the legendary test cricket series’ in the summer, but for AFL, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the Australian Open and the Grand Prix. It’s a mecca of sport, for fans and sportsmen alike, and I wanted to be a part of it. My dreams of playing cricket for Australia on the hallowed turf of the MCG on Boxing Day were calling – so I took a gamble and made the big move.

    I can’t recommend Melbourne enough for anyone looking to make their sporting mark. As a cricketer, Melbourne is the spiritual home for all things sport, and has opened up my professional sporting opportunities tenfold. And my experience with Wridgways has made moving interstate hassle-free. These removalists ensured my precious cricket trophies and sporting memorabilia were kept safe and sound, and I’m delighted (and relieved!) that the move was so seamless. I’m glad I made the big decision to set up a new home in Melbourne – and I’m even more glad I had the right team behind me all the way.



    You’ve probably heard it, chinese medicine and acupuncture go together, and how they are natural and beneficial ways of healing and treating a range of conditions from fertility issues, physical pain and mental problems.

    What you’ve probably not heard about yet, is if these two ancient practices are being widely used for in the sports performance industry?

    The answer to that is a big fat: YES

    We can see how English cricket players, such as the likes of Kevin Pietersen are saying goodbye to their injuries with Chinese acupuncture.

    So shall us Aussies start to embrace this thousand year practice?

    As with everything, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture need to be seen as treatments that require regular follow ups. In the same way as training, you can’t improve your level of performance overnight, you can’t heal your injuries, or even prevent them with just one session.

    Being in Melbourne ourselves, an extremely multi-cultural city with a large Asian population, Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioners are not in a shortage. Although we are not affiliated with any of them, we know the guys at Sustain Health in South Melbourne do offer all these services, including chiropractic services which are supposed to help with back pain and all of sorts of pains that derive from the spine, which is not uncommon with cricket players.

    Is Chinese acupuncture and medicine just for professional sports people?

    Of course not.

    Even if you are just a regular Joe Bloggs, who is regularly practicing sports and enjoying an active life – as we all should be. Then all of us would need acupuncture to stay healthy and prevent any further issues.

    Chinese medicine and practice is not sufficient when being an athlete or sports person. It is therefore essential to also eat an anti-inflammatory diet, with plenty of greens, lean proteins and healthy fats.

    Getting adequate sleep and the right amount and type of exercise are of equal of importance.

    Whether you are a cricket player, an athlete or a mum who likes to go jogging, these are all important tips to keep in mind.

    Distractions from our routines? How to deal with them

    The athlete will probably deal with constant distractions during their training life such as travelling and no having the right amounts of foods always available. So are the mum who has to wake up at 3 am to a crying baby or a cricket player.

    It is therefore paramount to always keep an agenda with a to-do list.

    Do you research beforehand

    If we know we will move places, for example. Start looking for local healthy food eateries, organic groceries, local gyms and places to workout as well as a local acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine clinic.

    By having a list of places near by us will make our jobs far easier when choosing a place to go to, and that means we can incorporate them into our daily lives and routines.
    Remember the most important aspects of being a strong sports performer, diet, exercise, rest and prevention = treatment such as acupuncture, massages and relaxation.




    On another note, you are probably thinking this article is going to say, 3 ways to lead a healthier lifestyle:

    1. Eat Well
    2. Exercise
    3. Sleep well, or meditate

    Well, if you thought that, then you are…wrong my friends 🙂

    As much as I could go in-depth on why the above three are crucial to a healthier lifestyle, I am sure those of you reading this already know that, and so I probably don’t need to talk much about those common sense topics.

    So here are the 3 things I’m on about:

    Hang out with other healthy people

    As simple as it sounds.

    Yes, maybe your friends now are not healthy, that’s fine. You can still be friends, but maybe it’s time to make new friends.

    “You are the five people you associate with the most”, so they say. It is therefore important to hangout with others who are also healthy, that way we will naturally become more like them.

    That’s it. Not much to say about that topic, more than just go and do it!

    Action: Go get new friends

    Routine, Routine, Routine!

    I can’t stress this enough. Having a routine means you will stick to eating well, exercising and sleeping well more than ever. You could try to do all those three, and without a proper routine, or plan you will massively, fail.

    You probably don’t want to hear that, but it’s the sad true my friends.

    Action: Pen and paper (or Evernote) and let’s start writing out a simple and straightforward daily and weekly routine.

    Keep track of what you do!

    I know most of you say it will be cumbersome to keep count of calories, of how much we sleep, or how much we deadlifted, or bufflifted 🙂

    Now, imagine I asked you: If you are a salesperson, and at work your boss asked, oh how much did we sell last month and how much did sales increase by this month?

    You then go on an answer him like this: Oh well boss, I am not sure, didn’t keep track of sales, but all I know is that we are selling well, and should be increasing sales this month…

    Ummm..the only thing that will be increasing are your chances of going out the door, with your belongings straight home.

    That’s why the say it.

    “What gets measured, get’s managed”

    Is it really possible that our sales at work are that important that we need to track them, but then, our health, is not, so no need to track it?

    You know the gist now..

    Action: Get a chronometer watch, pen and paper, or use an app like myfitnesspal.com and start keeping track of your health and lifestyle! With so many apps and automation, it has never been easier to keep track of our health!


    statas 3 ways to simple healthy life

    Now, as a final note, go ahead and do these things NOW!